Consolidation / Dimension - NAV2009


I would like to consolidate several companies without dimension into a company.

The entries created during consolidation process have a business unit code but i would like have this information in a dimension in the company i am consolidating into.

Should i create a dimension in each company i want to export with always the same value (company code) only to find the values in the consolidation company ?

Thanks on advance for your help


If you want a Business Unit to be a dimension then yes, you would need to create this dimension in every company and consolidate with this dimension.

What’s the reason to have this as a dimension?

one reason might be Analysis views - but these CAN be filtered by Business Unit, this field is not put on form in standart, a developer can do this in 5 seconds.


Thanks for your help.

Finally i won’t use dimensions because i think that the Business Unit field will do what i need