Consolidating "similar category items" from more than one outstanding purchase requisitions and making one RFQ in Procurement module in Dynamics AX 2012

Here is a scenario in our company where the procurement function is centralized for 7 business units. Every business unit sends me Purchase Requisitions (PR) for different items. Each requisition contains a mix of item categories, for example pencils (category=stationery), milk carton (category=food), screw driver (category=tools & hardware). There are different suppliers for every category and I have to take out every line item from each PR and compile a RFQ manually to the respective vendor. My vendors are fixed (i.e. I only have one stationery vendor) and I send it to the same people every time. This is a redundant exercise and I have to take out, for example, “pencils” from each PR and compile it in a PR. I was wondering if AX can smartly help me segregate categories as well as compile similar category items in an RFQ so time is not wasted. For example, I would like all stationery items from all outstanding PRs to be extracted from the system and automatically consolidated into one RFQ so I can quickly email it to my stationery vendor?