Consolidating multiple items

We are a manufacturer company that buys a common item “AA” from several different vendors. However, each vendor has a seperate item card for this common item and we purchase under items AB, AC, and AD depending on which vendor we are buying from. During inventory counts it gets rather confusing with multiple items number for what is the same item, and I was wishing to consolidate all the AB, AC, AD purchases into the AA account for stock and BOM purposes, but keep the seperate item number for purchasing. I know I can use the physical inventory journal to adjust the quantity, but I am more concerned with the correct cost following the adjustment as well as invoicing would occur several days to weeks after receipt of goods. Would the adjust cost entries procedure update the item AA costs properly with the costs from the other items? or is there another way I could go about this? Cheers

I know this isn’t answering your question but is there any reason you are not using cross references for inventory so that you can use the vendors no: to cross reference to your item number. Also, which version are you running?

I think this is an implementation issue u have there. You should have all these items into 1 item card, and u can differentiate the vendor item no. using cross references, and u can determine determine the vendor by looking at the source no. field in the item ledger entry. if u do it as per your current implementation, it is difficult to determine stock at hand and costing. there should be a good reason why it was implemented in such a way…