Consolidating Companies

Hello. We consolidate three companies monthly. This has been working great for years. However, I have a few of questions.

We found an entry from 2004 that was not included in the consolidation.

  1. If we consolidate the entire 2004 year - will this delete the monthly consolidation data that has already been posted? If I need to get the 2004 monthly detail again - can I simply consolidate by each month in 2004 again?

  2. It appears that when you reconsolidate a past period that it reverses the original entry and post a new one (unlike closing a period more than once which simply adds to the already closed period). Does that sound correct?

  3. Any issues that you know of by consolidating for a whole year instead of each month?

Thank you very much,


  1. The system will just change the amounts when reimporting

  2. Not according to the help for “Import consolidation from file”

  1. When consolitating a whole year, the system just creates 1 entry for the consolidation period ending date. I’m not sure but I think you should not mix consolidation period length.