Consolidating Companies Set up

I have a few companies that will consolidate into one company. All the companies are set up now but the consolidating company have bogus info. I would like to delete the consolidating company and start over again with account set up etc. Can I, and how do I, delete the consolidating company, recreate it and enter info from scratch? Everything seemed to work correctly at first, but now info is missing, etc. The reason for starting over is to make sure periods are closed properly, etc. Any help would be appreciated!

You can delete the consolidated company (iy oyu have permissions) by using the Delete Company function, make sure you are deleting the correct compnay. Take a Navison back-up before deleting just in case. Cheers Peter

Grot, If you do delete the consolidation company and create a new to start again remember that you can use the Copy Data function to save time in recreating key data such as Chart of Accouns, Posting Groups, Accoutning periods and so on. (in General Ledger->Setup->Setup Checklist->Functions->Copy Data). Of course this function only works if your consolidation company is in the same database as one of the companies to be consolidated otherwise you will achieve the same by using dataports. We also wrote a codeunit to automatically set the Consolidation debit and credit accounts on the companies that were to be consolidated. I hope this helps, Chris.

Thank you for the info. Before deleting the company maybe I should go a little more into detail of the problem. The company was set up properly in the beginning. The starting balances were entered and verified. The consolidating companies were consolidated by period to the consolidating company with correct balances. At each year end, the consolidating company was closed in order to enter the next year’s info. This procedure worked fine for the years leading up to current year. For the current year when consolidating, we were instructed to NOT put in a starting or ending date the the “Busniess Units” screen. However, in the “Import Consolidation From DB” screen, we were instructed to enter from the “Options Tab” the fiscal year starting date for the Start Date and the current period end date for the Ending Date. The current period and the prior period are fine, but there was NO data for the 8 previous periods. After talking with our consultant, we were told we could consolidate as many times as we want for the current year. We consolidated again for the first eight periods and the two current periods. The data we wrong. When viewing the data, all the prior YEARS information was missing now with the exception of some year end entries! Since the prior years were closed, I assume the only way to get this information back into the prior years is to start from scratch. Do I need to delete the current company and create a new consolidated company? You help is much appreciated!!