Consolidated Trial Balance

Dear All,

I have a consolidated trial balance report which has six entities. only one entity is appearing in the report with values other come with 0 value. I did all setup for columns.

please could you advice



How are you running the consolidated trial.

You need to consolidate all the 6 entities into the consolidated entity and run trial there. Verify that all the 6 entities are consolidated properly.

You can also check this in Management Reporter.


Hi Pranav,

Yes I have a consolidated company and the consolidated data from other entities in that company. I checked the ledgerTrans all data from all companies are there.

But I wonder, how data from only one company comes properly in the trial balance report column?is there any other setup need to be done?

Ayoub …

Well, balance should be updated in trial balance. Did you run Re-Build and Update balance? Also, in consolidation company in General ledger, Inquiries, are you able to see all the 6 entities.

There may be something wrong with consolidation process also. I will suggest to cancel the consolidation and re-run it also.


I checked the report. the report is getting data from LedgerBalancesDim and this table doesn’t has a consolidated company filed. so I changed the report to take data directly from LedgerTrans because LedgerTrans has a consolidated company field.

Now the report is working fine.