Consolidated Invoicing - AX 2012


The question I have is surrounding Consolidated Invoicing in AX 2012.

We have customers that do not want multiple invoices sent to them. If they have 5 separate order that are all shipped and invoiced on same day they do not want to see 5 invoices they just want all of those invoices onto the 1 invoice.

It is my understanding that this is available but only for the Japan release. Please can anyone confirm this either way. If not please advise on how you do this in the UK release of AX 2012 R3.

At the moment we are producing the invoices in AX, but not sending to customer, we are the offline of AX putting together a consolidated invoice. This is very time consuming.

Thank you

Look at the summary update function. In AR parameters and activated against the customer.

Standard to AX for a long time, so perhaps you have a specific requirement relating to consolidating the invoice.

Thank you

This has helped and I believe we can get what we now need.