consolidated calender field in the work center..

hi! while creating the Work Center calender( when I make consolidated calender field checked ‘true’ in the Work Center )the capacities has to be calculated based on the machine centers assigned to the Work Center,but it is not happening instead program is calculating based on the capacity field in the Work Center.what could be the problem?

Hi Vangala This was certainly an issue during my training as they did not work. I have not trried this in 3.60, or looked for the issue on the official site, but it was a known issue. What version are you running?

hi! Steven I am using 3.2 Version and another question: how the allocate qty is calculated(i.e run time+set up time=allocated qty)in the machine center/work center load the set up time will be taken? Please elaborate this concept. Thanks

Hi Vangala The allocated amount in the load window can be drilled down on to see the production order capcity need table, this table stores and manages the capacity need. The capacity needed for each order is the sum of the setup time and the run time. The run time is equal to the run time per piece multiplied by the number of pieces in the order. The set-up time is the set-up for that operation, so it will be counted once. Veriosn 3.2 Are you sure?!? [:D]