Consolidate quantity in Planning Worksheet

I want to consolidate the quantity of the same item required in manufacturing of different products ( defined in the Production Forecast) by using the Planning Worksheet function “Calculate Regenerative Plan”. The system calculates the quantity of the same item required individually for different products. To elaborate if Products A,B & C requires item D, the quantity of D required to manufacture A, B & C are calcualted seperately. I want a consolidated requirement of item D.

Simply put - you need to set item D up to replenish in this manner. Depending upon your version will define how you set it up, but look at the reordering policy field and go from there. Difficult to really answer it without knowing the true requirements and the settings of the other items, but I am sure you can get the system to plan in a manner you require. You might be better served NOT posting this in the developer forum, no offence intended oh wise developers [;)]