Consistency Error

Hi, I am facing a typical error when i am trying to post a sales invoice with two items. (1- stock item and 1-Non-stock item). The error is consistent error which u can see in the attached file. When i remove tax group from one of the item, there is no error. Another one info is that the same setup of tax group for other items are working fine… I am not sure as what went wrong… [V] moreover i tried with creating new items with saem tax group again it gives the same error… [B)] its an adhoc error. why it so?.. Please help me AEAP…

Hi, I remember we had a same kinda problem and what i remember doing is that we made the following changes: CodeUnit 13704 - Indian Sales Tax Calculation Trigger - InitSalesTaxLines Code IF (TaxAmount <> DesiredTaxAmount) AND (ABS(TaxAmount - DesiredTaxAmount) <= 0.01) THEN In the above line of code change the decimal precision to more than 0.01. I guess this should solve your problem. But my techie says that making this difference on the higher side will increase the difference in Debit and Credit in the GL. Regards, Nitin

Hi I have the problem in calculating Tax, when we apply line discount . otherwise its’ working in codeunit 13704 i have checked that desireedtaxAmount=0 I have tried this code if desiredtaxamount=0 then desiredtaxamount=taxamount; please help me out thanks ASHISH