I want to no consolidation topic . with set ups… and how to run this program

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what version of AX are you using is it AX 2009 or AX 2012 Feature Pack or R2 as there is huge change made in the form level…

If you can provide the version its easy to explain…

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I want In AX2009 . i want with all the Set ups and also with example or with one Scenario…

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To start of with: General Ledger Module >> Setup >> Parameters >> under this you will find the Consolidate check that particular check box.

Example :- Co “A” and Co “B” Now we consider co “A” as the consolidation company this is the Parent company and for the consolidation we need another company that is Co “B” . In CO B go to Chart of Accounts >> General Tab >> Under Administration set consolidation conversion to Closing and under Related Accounts specify a Ledger Account which is of the Parent Company (CO “A”)

Then once on completing the setup process go to General Ledger >> periodic >> Consolidate >> Consolidation,online needs to be selected a form opens, in this form provide the Ledger Accounts of the child company along with from date to To date and if necessary provide Budget. and in the same form select Consolidation accounts, current, and Exchange Adjustments check boxes.

In the same form select Companies tab and form the drop down we need to select CO B along with some percentage. And Click on OK for running the consolidation process. Once on running it to check for the result >> got to General Ledger >> Inquiries and click Consolidations this will give the consolidations run with details.

NOTE:- before doing the consolidation process under system Accounts, we need to check for Balance Account for Consolidation Difference and Profit & Loss Account for Consolidation Process and Differences at the time of process will hit these accounts

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Could you explain about the above sentence in detail ?

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The purpose of having Balance account for consolidation differences and Profit & loss account for consolidation differences, is at the time of running this process we specify the companies that are used for consolidation in which we give the percentage, in case of any difference at the time of process will hit these accounts.

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what is the percentage , Where we need to define the percentage, what you mean by any difference ?

Please explain .

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Under Periodic >> Consolidate >> Online, Consolidation select this and a form opens, in which we have a Company Tab in this form we have to select the child companies and provide with the share (this I referred as percentage)

And coming to the difference is, at the time of this process in case of any exchange rate issue occurs during the process will hit the accounts that are under system accounts. These are based on the selection that we do in the Companies Tab, if we select P&L it will reflect in P&L consolidation account or if Balance account is selected it will reflect in Balance Account for consolidation.

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