Consignment Stock

Hello, I am referring here to where a supplier holds stock at your premises and invoices you as it is used. Is there a preferred method in 3.7 on SQL? I would prefer minimal coding, none if possible.

My initials thoughts are to post an internal Purchase Invoice to create the stock and then credit this to a Stock consigment balance sheet account. After this all counting, issuing and consumption would be as standard. Does anyone see a problem with this such as the price changing, or have any alternative solutions / recommendations?


Richard - end user


I will recommend receiving Order without invoice… and invoice as use.

Thanks Valentin, but won’t that cause a problem with adjust Item cost report as these entries will always require adjustment? Is the only difference that I invoice this then credit to g/l account to prevent it being paid?

the adjust item cost wont try to make any adjustments until you post the invoice, just receiving it should work.