Consignment Stock Processing

Has anybody used Navision for consignment stock processing (i.e. stock held at the customer location)? Would it be possible by using Locations? I am not familiar with the more advanced inventory or warehouse management features so I would appreciate any pointers before I hit the manuals. Thanks in advance… Chris.

There are already a number of topics on this subject. I can remember from reading them, that : - it ain’t easy - it very much depends on customer requirements.

You have two main choices (i mean if you do not want make any modifications): 1. Create separate location per Customer and use Transfer order for shipments and returns. When customer sent you Consignments sales report you should process Sales Invoice directly from customer location. 2. Ship orders without invoicing. When customer sent you Consignments sales report you should process Sales Invoice using function Get Shipments…. In this case you will need to process Sales Invoice and Credit Memo if customer returns consignment inventory.

My vote is One location per customer, it is simple and it works. I have used this method for many clients successfully.

Hi David, Sometimes you have to receive consignment orders through EDI and send ASN’s. In this case second method is only choice.

Thanks for all your advice… Valentin your option 2. in the posting above raises a question… what is the difference between invoicing from the original order document and invoicing using the Get Shipments functions from an invoice document?

When you invoice from Sales Invoice you can combine multiple shipments in one invoice. Let say you ship on consignment bases 3 orders and client sold one item from first order, couple from second and some from third. If you will invoice from sales order you will have three invoices and reconciliation with customer became a hell. If you invoice from Sales Invoice you can process one invoice that will combine items from multiple shipments.

Hi Valentin, I am in Thailand which Revenue Department have difined the rules about the consignment that,when you send the item for consignment to the customer or shopping plaza you must create the Tax Invoice.That mean I received the order from my customer or the shopping plaza,if I have the items enough for ship then I will create the Tax Invoice and ship the items to their.In every day I will receive the daily sale report from my employee which they work in my customer.And each final period I will receive the summary sale report from the customer or shopping plaza after that I must compare for checking between the daily sale report and the summary report,if two reports are same then I will create the receipt document for the collection from my customer and if their aren’t same then I must check for the different between two reports,And I must create the receipt document base on the summary report from my customer.And the importent point I need the checking their items which I have send for consignment in my customer. Can you help me? Best regards.