Consignment from vendor

Ho w to process a consignment item that is own by the vendor but it is kept in our own warehouse but we need to invoice the vendor when we used that item? Also in case i have those items on hand at the go live date , how should I make sure that I have those on hand? Thanks

It depends if the item is unique or mixed with others and then the control on when you sell it. If unique you simply hold it and sell it and report on the sales. If it is mixed with others not on consignment you need to segregate it, if not by batch the best way is to hold it in a vendor consignment stock warehouse and set-up a rule to manually look to use this first or last or set planning up to transfer from there when main stock is zero, then report on the transfers out as “sold”.

In fact we have both scenarios. For unique items , we will have a vendor consignment stock warehouse. We will take those items to use them in the production order then we need to be able to know how much we used so we can invoice and pay the vendor. So what’s it the easiest way to handle that from User stand point? Thanks

I would put them in a vendor warehouse, setup usage from there and therefore any outgoing has been used in production so you report on inventory transactions and then either report to them, or invoice the quantity periodically based upon the received not invoiced orders processed to get the stock into the vendor warehouse.

Hey Adam, please can you describe AX steps used for that. Also what is the best approach to handle replacement items when needed?

Just standard AX - you know it well enough to process a purchase order, or consume in production?

Replace items you just order more in.

OK . I thought there is some other steps that I am not ware of. Thanks I’ll try it [:)]