Consignment for purchased items

Hi all! How can I handle this situation: We buy several items that sometimes we consigne them. We want to be able to run a report every month by vendor to calculate the qty of consignment stock we have sold. Our company has an agreement with vendors about being paid only when goods are sold Without customisation , how this can be done? Ps: It’s not a customer consignment case but a vendor consignment case. Thanks

Hello, out of the box, use a seperate “Location” for these consignments and filter your item entry reports with “Source Type” and “Source Code”. Definitly not ideal, but a simple solutions without customisation.

A separate “Location” is probably not feasible if you are using a POS system. “We buy several items that sometimes we consigne them.” ??? Does this mean that the same Item No. can sometimes be a consignment Item and sometimes not? Hopefully not. If the Item is always a consignment Item, either: (a) assign different Inventory Posting Group and Gen. Prod Posting Group codes to the Item then the Inventory and Sales transactions can be posted to different G/L Accounts (also allows you to exclude these items from the Inventory Valuation report). or (b) assign a default dimension to the Item then this dimension will be carried forward on all transactions where the Item No. is specified (check that your POS handles dimensions and the client has the necessary granules).

Hi, First you have to distinguish between your own inventory and consigned inventory. You are lucky if you can distinguish by Item number. If not you have to use other methods. I would recommend Lot Numbers (or Variant Numbers) - you need minimum two Lots – MEMO and OWNED (or you can create separate lot per each vendor memo) . Process Purchase Receipt per Vendor Memo. When you ship to customer process sales shipment without invoice. Create report by lot number – Purchase Invoiced versus Sales Invoiced. Difference is what has to be paid.

Thanks all ! Yes we’re using POS solution (Ls retail) I will try all those soulutions.