Consider actual forecast period


I have seen that AX 2012 does not consider actual forecast period on net requirements calculation. For example if I use a week period (static period) from each monday to each sunday, on 27/02/2017, AX 2012 will consider forecast on 6th of March but not on 28th or 2nd of March. But if I use a month period (static period), from the first day of the month to the last day, on 27/02/2017 AX will consider forecast on 1st of March but not on 28th of February.

Is this how it works or I am missing some configuration?

Thank you all.


I would guess this relates to your other issue with the consideration of the planned order immediacy in the net requirements. As standard if the start of the period is in the future it is considered, so your example is not true of standard AX. I suggest reporting this along with your previous planning issue, I cannot replicate this, but as you are aware from your previous post there are a lot of settings in planning. You have not said any of the settings of the item, or indeed the reduction principle or any real information. All I can say is standard AX does not work in this way.