Connectivity across locations

Hi, 1.Can Navision Attain 3.10 be connected across locations without using emulation softwares like Citrix or Windows Terminal server? 2. What is the bandwidth requirement for a form to load incase of Citrix environ ment? 3. What is the bandwidth requirement for a form to load through VPN( without using Citrix) ? 4. Can the locations be interconneced using VSAT? if so what is the latency and bandwidth requirement? Kindly help me out. Chandan

Hi Chandan, 1.If your locations are connected thru’ VPN with a v.good band width, you can access Navision across locations. But the bandwidth consumption per session will be v.high. 2. Citrix requires v.minimal bandwidth as only Image is transferred to Client and no objects(or forms). Do make a search on issues like replication & connectivity wherein we 've disussed a lot on the above issues. Regards

Mohammad: We are planning to connect 3-4 remote workstations via VPN to NAVISION. You mentioned that a very good bandwith is affordable. Will 2 MBit/s be enough? Do you have any ideas how much traffic a NAVISION session generates in common? I think the heaviest load will be when reports are generated. Would be nice if you could share some of yor experiences. Regards Alarich

Don’t forget that this is also the purpose for utilizing User Portal…multiple people at multiple locations tapping in via the Internet.