Connection to another Databas?

Dear All,

How can I connect to another tabel in my databse (Tabel have another schema)?

Iam confused how to establish such connection?

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Hi ,

Are you connecting to another company table or its a non NAV Db ?


Hi ,

its a NAV DB, let’s say I have all my tables with the scheme 123$ and I can see all those tables. But I have another 3 tables which does it have the same schema they start with 55$. So I can say that I cannot say the Under the tables in object designer.

we can say they are anon Nav DB.

Thanks for your help

Well , that is going to be some sort of .NET or Automation hack . Look for ADO.NET and/or MDAC.


Another option might be to use the LinkedObject property of a NAV table object.


Concerning the link object Property! Should I create a view for the table first ?

Why would you have this situation in the first place? All tables in the NAV database should be in schema DBO. The only way they would not be is if they were created outside the NAV Development environment. Which they never should be.

Are you really talking about Company here and not schemas?

Such as [dbo].[ 55$My Table] versus [dbo].[ 123$My Table] ? “55” and “123” are the companies names and part of the tablenames. They are just different tables. Options to access would be “Change Company”, “Linked tables” (as mentioned above", or ADO (.NET interop in newer versions)

Hi Mohamed, yes, you’ll need a SQL view to associate with the linked table object in NAV.