Connecting to Navision via Visual Basic???

Hi This is a very general question, but maybe someone has a hint or an answer… Me and my colleague has just undertaken a “beginners course in Visual basic”. Among other things, we’ve learned to communicate to a SQL-database via a COM module. Is there any simple way of communicating (reading) with a navision native database (we’re running version 3.70 with objects from a 3.01b version)? Maybe it is possible via a COM module??? Any hints would be welcome! Jens

Hi, The simple way of communicating with Navision is ODBC. The less simple way is C/Front. There’s a lot of information to find on this site about these two subjects. Use the search-functionality and probably it’s best to search in “Subject only” (Search in).

I guess its horses for courses, but I find that once C/FRONT is up and running, and you have a good VB wrapper, then in the long term its easier than C/ODBC though for smaller tasks the OODBC route has advantages.