Connecting Another SQL Database from Navision

Hi, I need to fill table in other SQL database from Navision. What is the easiest way to do this?

Hi, Create SQL view to that table in Navision DB, create new table in Navision and make it LinkedObject = “yes”.

It’s a little more complicated than that. Read the application designer’s guide for more information, the section called ‘linked objects’.

Hmmm, no actually it is as simple as that, and works fine.

I didnt say it doesnt work fine, it does. I’m just saying there is more to it than the first reply (for instance set datapercompany to no, or include the company name in the name of the SQL view), and I suggested some additional reading material on the subject.

If you are a member of db_owner in the second database, and it is on the same SQL Server then no problem. But if not, you have to treat the other database as though it were a different SQL Server and set up the security for the linked server in Enterprise Manager, for the users that will use that View object. Reading my own post its not so clear, but it is described where Daniel pointed.

Actually Robert I think the best source for information on how to do this, (and where I learn’t [8D]) was from your posts a few years ago on NOLUG. I never even looked at the Navision documentation. (Well I did, but it was far too confusing).