Connect to SQL Server Via SQL ODBC ?

Have you seen this before… I have a machine with Access 97 and Visual studio 6 on it. I am trying to conenct to the navision SQL database on a separate server. I have created a system DSN using the SQL ODBC driver to connect to the database. In visual interdev 6.0 ( serv pack 4) i can create a data connection and show all the navision tables, open them. In Access 97 using the same DSN i can connect to the tables to view them but when i attempt to link them i get an error table not found. The error message for the cronus uK$.item table becomes cronus uK$_item ( dot replaced by underscore). Have you seen this before. Bear in mind this is the same SQL DSN using an SQL driver not a navision ODBC connection ? It would appear that Access is attempting to translate the table name, but VI6 does not ??? Why should you be able to connect to SQL server via one source and not another ?? Bruce