Connect Navision with SQL 2005

Hi all,

Please I need someone to help me out urgently.

I have installed SQL Server 2005 and Navision client (sql server option) on my system and I was able to connect to the database, restore data and do all sort.

When I tried connecting from another system, a got an error message cannot find server. I typed the serverpath and name (e.g TestServer\Testdatabase)but it still gave me the same thing. Could this be because the systems are in workgroup not domain? Or do I have to set anything on the other systems? (Like the host file when using the native database server). Please help me out

Secondly, I dont know how to bring the stored procedure into SQL, I have already unzipped the xp_ndo.dll file into the binn directory of SQL installation. Can anybody send me the codes on how to do this.

Please, I’ll appreciate your urgent response.

Thanking you in anticipation

Firstly, you can use books online for the extended stored procedure. Its something along the lines of copying the DLL to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.x\MSSQL\Binn (thats the default location), then running sp_addextendedproc supplying the name of the SP and the location of the DLL. There are probably other ways but best to check books online.

Secondly, connecting to another system. Firstly, verify if you can connect using Management Studio. The Server Name will be the name of the server, and if you have installed a non defualt SQL instance it will be SERVERNAME\INSTANCENAME. Choose the apprioiate authenticaion before then picing the DB from the list. You may want to check the advanced tab and try with different Net Type, such as TCP/IP or Named Pipes. Check your SQL logs to ensure its listening on the appropiate protocol. Remember the SQL option client can connect to a CSIDE DB. If you are using database authenticaion you should not have any qorkgroup related issues.

Excuse my typos “SQL option client can’t connect to a CSIDE DB”