Confusion with LinkType property: Why are LinkType and JoinType properties together only in one property?


I don’t understand fully the LinkType property on the form datasource. I mean I know what each of its values does (Delayed, Active, Passive, InnerJoin ExistJoin, NotExistJoin, OuterJoin).

But what I don’t understand is why are LinkType and JoinType properties all in one property? I would expect two different properties on the datasource:

  1. LinkType with values Delayed, Active and Passive

which would define how fast the joined datasource will change after changing the master datasource.

  1. JoinType with values InnerJoin ExistJoin, NotExistJoin and OuterJoin

which would define the join type, logic behind merging the datasources.

Clearly, there’s something I’m missing out in the logic but I don’t know what. So let’s say I chose Delayed, how would the datasources join with each other? InnnerJoin? OuterJoin? … What I’m saying is that I think Delayed, Active and Passive describe completely different property rather than Jointype (InnerJoin ExistJoin, NotExistJoin and OuterJoin).

just googled about it and you will find…

go through

Thanks for the response, but I have read those and they don’t answer my question. Maybe you didn’t understand the question or didn’t read it closely…

read this …!topic/microsoft.public.axapta.programming/x2ylfpwsyvk

This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you.