Confusing to plan routing line for a person handle

Dear All, I would like to ask you where I am using NA 4.sp1 and I am trying to plan production operations in routing line but I have an operator operate 2 different machines all at once, it is contrary with the concurrent capacities meaning and using in Navision. From its definition, concurrent capacities are the using of 2 or more machines in the same time to reduce run time (cycle time), but my problem is to plan a routing where one operator will operate 2 or more different machines all at once. This is really true in a garment sewing operation. tks beforehand. rgds, Mark

The only real option you have is to use the send ahead quantity, therefore you start OP2 as soon as OP1 has produced something. More likely however is you will need to modify the system to do exactly what you want it to, or I would guess there is a garment industry add-on for this secenario.

Dear Steven, tks a lot for your prompt reply, I think if I use SAH (send-ahead qty), it will be correct for serial operation but for paralel and different type of machine, it could be difficult. In this forum, I have found out about garment add-on i.e. pebblestone-fashion. I will try to contact them. rgds, Mark

Navision does not handle parralel manufactring. This is a need not only in the garment industry. Please Mark if you investigate peblestone, could you please comment back here on how it handles parallel capacity. thanks.

Dear David, All, Tks a lot for your reply. if you answer the problem posted here, it makes me happy and I know it won’t be wrong and give a right direction. I think using the asnwer from you, I will be able talk here in this company I work for. rgds, Mark