confuse proplem between application and intial entry

Hi guys i have misunderstood to specified

if you can show to me if possible

what different between

1- entry type application - document typ payment


entry type intial entry - document typ payment

2- entry type application- document type invoice


entry type intial entry - document typ invoice

when application entry type create in dynamic nav and when intial entry created in dynamic nav 2009

Hi ahmed,

Suppose you are posting an invoice to customer only and not applying this to any payment or credit memo.

Then only one entry will be created in detailed customer ledger entry table with entry type=Initial Entry. Same case for posting payments i.e. only one entry with entry type=initial entry. But when you are applying the invoice and payment(doing application), application entry is created in detailed tables.

Like at start of the month you created an invoice of 1000 against a customer. Then only initial entry will be created with document type=invoice. Now, at the end of the month, you received a payment from customer and you posted a payment journal, applied the invoice with this payment. Then, 1 entry will be created for entry type=initial entry for document type=payment and two application entries that shows the application between the invoice and payment.

Hope you will understand the concept. :slight_smile: