Configuring which report is used


Is there somewhere in dynamics that I can configure which report is used for a document. E.g, If I want to modify the Sales Invoice, can I duplicate the existing one, give it a new name and then have Dynamics AX use the new one for Invoices? Obviously, the point is that if there is a problem, we can revert back to the original. If this is possible, it will take some of the strain away when working on real sites.

There is no configuration for doing such activities, you need to do it technically - like creating new report and adding the report to the menu item which is actually used for printing the report or if it s called directly from the code - you need to identify the location and change there. Other way, You can enable the version control and modify the standard report - and you can have an option to switch on to any version of the object at any timeā€¦


This can be achieved through X++. However I would not recommend this based on experience in one of my projects.

That is why layers are for. For example Sales invoice report is modified in CUS layer. Later when an issue is encountered, just deleting CUS layer on this report would get the standard back.