Configuring Trace Parser to show SQL queries...

Hey all

Configuring the tracing cockpit to show sql events, traceparser doesn’t show the sql tab, how can I get the sql queries from trace parser

And one second question, It also shows only my queries,is there a way to make it show all queries running in ax?

Have you selected a server session in Trace Parser?

Yes I have, all the tabs I have are Overview, Call Tree and X++/RPC tabs.



For reference,here are some screens from both configuration and trace parser…

Your picture shows a client session (ax32.exe), not a server session. Seriously, you have to choose a server session (in the Session drop-down) to see the SQL tab.

I see, cheers,however all i can see there is my on session,how can i open a server sesion with the tracer?


In that case, the trace file you’ve imported doesn’t contain server trace and as you already know, SQL queries are not included in client trace files. You see that the problem is neither in Trace Parser nor in events you collect; the absence of server trace is what you miss.

Try to collect the trace on the machine where your AOS runs.