configuring File System Adapter

I am following the below guide to enable file system adapter in AIF.…/aa496471(AX.50).aspx

My first question is related to the step number 3.

1- I have configured a file system adapter.

2- I have configured a channel for this file system adapter and specified a folder on file system.

3- Enable the service.

4- Configured batch jobs for ‘AIFGatewayReceiveService’ and ‘AIFInboundProcessingService’.

When I enable the ‘SalesSalesOrderService’, i receive the following warning.

No web sites configured to deploy services.

Is it ok if i receive this warning. My batch job is always in ‘waiting’ state.

The 2nd question is where is error log located for Dynamics AX so that if there is some error in batch jobs while executing,i may be able to view the log.


i have not configured any endpoint in the system yet. does it have anything to do with my issue

How are you enabling the services, you don’t need to deploy them if you want to use the file system adapter, you just need to set the Enabled check box.

If you want to see the errors on AIF so take a look under: Basic/Periodic/AIF/Queue manager.

actually the above error popped up when I tried to “Generate” (deploy) the Sales Order Service, after enabling it.

only setting the Enabled check box did not produce any error so I assume that the Sales Order serivce is now enabled for File System adapter. But why the Dynamics AX is not picking the input XML file from the specified folder. the batch job is started and always in waiting state.