configuring File System Adapter help

in Dynamics AX Developer section, i got 71 views but not a single reply, thats y i am posting my question here now,

I am following the below guide to enable file system adapter in AIF.…/aa496471(AX.50).aspx

My first question is related to the step number 3.

1- I have configured a file system adapter.

2- I have configured a channel for this file system adapter and specified a folder on file system.

3- Enable the service.

4- Configured batch jobs for ‘AIFGatewayReceiveService’ and ‘AIFInboundProcessingService’.

When I enable the ‘SalesSalesOrderService’, i receive the following warning.

No web sites configured to deploy services.

Is it ok if i receive this warning. My batch job is always in ‘waiting’ state.

The 2nd question is where is error log located for Dynamics AX so that if there is some error in batch jobs while executing,i may be able to view the log.


i have not configured any endpoint in the system yet. does it have anything to do with my issue


If you have enabled and configured file system adapter, then you should not receive this message.

In the ‘Batch job’ screen, you have to click ‘Log’ field to view the messages related to that batch. OR better, click on ‘Batch Job history’ button and click on the ‘Log’ message there.

And yes, you have to enable ‘Endpoints’ and configure services from there by clicking on ‘Action Policies’ button.

Yes, I have enabled and configured it.

And the batch job history for this specific batch job which I created is empty. It means the batch tasks did not start even once. Why is that

I read somewhere that AIF provides some default endpoints for basic purposes. Is not it true?


It could mean either one of following -

  1. Either the batch job was not configured correctly OR

  2. The batch may have been configured correctly but was never run.

What is the status of this batch job?


Also, DEFAULT ENDPOINT and all available services inside it are enabled.


Yes - the idea is when no endpoints are specified AX will then use this default endpoint.

But in your case, have you enabled the services under Action policies for this endpoint? This is something that must be configured manually.

service status for ‘SalesOrderServiceService’ is Enabled. But most of the settings are ‘Not specified’ in the window which appears after clicking CONFIGURE button. Should I also specify such values there like Document Value, Vendor Code, Customer Code etc. MSDN does not mention this step in the above posted article. I am confused.


First you have to make sure that your AIF configuration is correct before you can try to run it as Batch. In addition to enabling services, you also have to enable Action policies. I suggest you do this first. You can also debug your AX service. Code sample for debugging your AX service is here -

ok, let me configure action policies for Default End point. I found a MSDN link her

according to that article, i do not need to change anything on the action policies tab because all the actions are already associated with the Default Endpoint. I am again confused