Configuring Advanced Rule Structure in AX 2012

Hi All,

Can you help me to configure advanced rule structure considering the same financial dimensions given in the above scenario.

However, i will give the scenario once again:
There are 4 dimension in total. i.e. (a) Division (b) Region (c) Branch (d) Sales executive

For (a) Division dimension – dimension values are :-- (i) Hardware (ii) Mechanical (iii) Retail

For (b) Region dimension – dimension values are :- (i) Central (ii) Eastern (iii) Western

For (c) Branch dimension — dimension values are :- (i) Branch A, (ii) Branch B, (iii) Branch C, (iv) Branch D

For (d) Sales executive dimension – dimension values are :- (i) Executive A, (ii) Executive B… etc

Requirement is:

In journal entries:-- when Division dimension - Hardware or Mechanical is selected then for Region dimension all values should come. But Branch dimension values should not allow to select. And Sales executive values should be selected.

Where as, when Division dimension – Retail is selected then Region dimension all values should come and Branch dimension all values should come. But sales executive dimension values should not allow to select or should not display in drop down.

Please help with configuration steps.



Try this link…


Dear Pranav,

thanx a lot…

It was good explanation.


Hi Srinivas,

This can also be achieved by configuring the Dimension hierarchy at Organization structure and attaching the same relationship to the account structure.


Hi Raghav ,

Can you explain how can we configure the above functionality at Organization structure ? If possible can you share the link?

Thanks in advance.