Configure Hard Disk for Navision SQL Ser ver

I have 4 harddisks installed Navision SQL Server, How would be recommended to configure Hard disk: 1) 1 HD for system, 2 HD (Raid 1) for Database, 1 HD for Log file? 2) 1 HD for system, 1 HD for Database, 2 HD (Raid 1) for Log file? 3) 2 HD for system + Database (Raid 1), 2 HD (Raid 1) for Log file? I also do a backup for database daily and log every one hour. which would it be better ? Thanks

Hi, in my oppinion you need more harddisks, to have the right security 1 HD for system 2 HD - Raid 1 for Database 2 HD - Raid 1 for log Tempdb should be placed together with system

Is that mean when the system crash, we have to build sql user login information db ? instead of just replace the failed harddisk with the mirror? I see that possibility if we have tempdb to be placed together within the system in raid0. And in this situation, which one is better if we only have 4 disk? Thanks.