Is there a configuration utility within manufacturing? If not, is there a third party product for this purpuse?

Well… usually the configuration utility for manufacturing it’s called implementor or consultant… :slight_smile:

As it is stated in the documentation even, there is no such function build in. I just know such addOns in German, which will not be of great help to you? Michael

Configuration of What we are talking over here?I am reading with interest as there are few topics on Manufacturing. Regards, Dharmendra Desai

SimCrest has a product configurator, read more here and there is also an online demo.

Hi most third party configurators will probably come in one of two forms: 1) Written for a specific industry. 2) Written for a general perspective. 2) probably satrisfies no one whereas you have to be in the industry for 1) to work and then you will probably require changes to be made. In all honesty most configurator requirements I have come across do have a single commonality, but also every full requirement has some difference. Try the demo versions of the existing ones to see if they fulfill your requirements, otherwise you will need to either get it developed for you or have one written for you.