Hi![:(] I need help! I changed the Sales & Receivables for ( I cut some option in it) and save it using option Save as in File. I called it 99999 Sales menu form. Ma questio is How can I conect Sales & Receivables in main menu With my new 99999 Sales menu form. Thanks a lot.[:)]

Hi Igor, You need to modify you “Main Menu”. Design it and look the form “Sales&Recievables”. Change the SubFormID field to 99999.

I have done following. Opened Navision 3.60 then Main menu windows appeared, I pressed Ctrl+F2 and deleted all options in it except of Sales & Receivables. After that I opened File option and saved that form using “save as” function. I called it “Main menu 2” (99998 form). Then I have made two “database logins” and in the table 91 User setup for my database logins I put form 99998 in field Main menu ID. Also I changed Sales & Receivables Menu (form 333) I cut all its options except Customer and Reports, and saved it as form 99999. When I turn off Navision and tried opened it with my database logins I got the Main menu 2 window but when I pressed sales & Receivables I didn’t get form 99999, alredy original form 333 (sales & Receivables Menu form 333). How can I get (when I press Sales & Receivables)form 99999 instead of form 333? But when I open Navision with other database login not my database login I want original main menu and original sales & receivables(form 333) Is it posible!

Yes it is possible but you are missing one step in your new mainform 99998, well it’s a tricky one… [;)] Each submenu/module has it’s own subform, e.g. Sales&Receivables has Subform with ControlID 13 called SalesMenu, and all these subforms are pilled one upon the other (basically the big grey space on the right side are about 15 forms…) You need to “tab” through the controls until you reach that particular subform, watch the Properties window for each control). Change the property “SubFormID” to point to your new form 99999 - and you’re done. Saludos Nils

thanks! I will try!