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hi every one

i have face one issue in NAV2009 Classic Reports.let me give details about my issue.i.e Report name is Vendor.

This Report contains Vendor is data item & ReqFilterFields is No,Date Filter. When i run The Report The i have to give values of filters & i see the Print Preview and i try run the report again But Filters are not clear.i hope understand my case any Explanation.i will be give



In my opinion it is not possible to delete previous filter values of dataitems until you save the report…

Did you try by deleting the zup file?

hi mohana could give a details if ZUp file.where it is save in Computer .please help me

Advance & Thanks


C:\Users\YOUR WINDOWS LOGIN\AppData\Roaming in Win 7

C:\Documents and Settings%USERNAME%\Application Data in XP

Deleting the zup file will wipe out all of the preferences for the whole system, though.

I would try running the report from another object instead of running it directly. That way you can control what filters are pre-applied and what shows up when the request form open.

For example, if you wanted to run the Sales Order report without any filters being populated initially, you could do

where SalesHeader is just a record variable (no finds have been done, no filters or ranges).