Concern of Record Variable

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i am new in NAV 2009 so any can assist me for Record variable.what is difference between the Record varible and Record varible of array

Ex: Suppose i have Item as a Record varible and some base codeunits i have see the Item[Array] what is differencess…

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What is array, In general, an array is a number of items arranged in some specified way - for example, in a list

here is also the same meaning does apply…

Record of Item – 1 record

Record of Item[Array] – 1 record for Item[1]

1 record for Item[2]

1 record for Item[3]

1 record for Item[4]

1 record for Item[5]

Thanks for reply sorry i am not get you please give any specified example in NAV

Have you check Report ID :: 99000753, Name - Quantity Explosion of BOM, It will help you to understand.