Concern NAV Messanger

hi Doynes

any one can suggest me. i have doubt about NAV Messenger is it possible to chart in NAV Classic 2009 messenger why because in my client has took a NAV product They Want Local messenger in NAV because of Share information through the NAV Soft - Ware.

is it Possible In NAV?



Check this

hello mohana sir thanks for giving this URL .i have Downloaded objects& import in my Database version is Classic2009 SP1 .but Try to run the Form (50100) i face an Error i.e given Below

what should i do can u give details about messenger & how to run it . if we maintain any Server or it runs local system also

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic

The definition of the field User ID was changed after the object was saved.

Old type: Code

New type: Text


please help me



Try recompiling the imported objects. Could be that the version of objects you downloaded are from different country NAV. (I have had this problem in swedish country database since Account number is in text instead of Code as it is in W1)


thk q for giving This Information. i am very Full Field Your answer Currently it’s Working