Computed Field: how?

Moin: I think that´s an easy question for the NAVISION expert: Assumed there is a table that has two columns price a price b There should be a third column “difference” that displays the difference between “price a” and “price b”. I thought that could be done by a flowfield but the calcformula doesnt´t help. Any ideas? Thank you in advance Uwe Uwe Wenk Systemadministrator DEKOM Kommunikations- und Mediensysteme GmbH Hoheluftchaussee 108 20253 Hamburg ------------------------------------------ fon: 040-47106173 fax: 040-47106222

1/ Create a function called UpdateDifference Difference := “price a” - “price b” 2/ Call this function on the OnValidate() trigger of “price a” and “price b” I’m assuming that “price a” and “price b” are user entered as opposed as flowfields

In the form create control with sourceExp = a-b.

Instead of creating a third field in the table, you could just create a function in the table that returns the value of the difference between the two stored fields. Example: Function returns a decimal. Difference() : Decimal exit(rec.“price a” - rec.“price b”); Then anytime you need the calculated “field” just move to the record you need and call the function. Or if this is on a form that has the table as the sourceTable, just add a control with the function as the source expression and it will change as you scroll through the records. Keith Reichert