Compulsory Item

Hi All,

Is it possible to create/setup a relationship with two products where if one is selected on a sales order then the other must also be added to the sales order?

For example:-

If a laptop is added to a sales order then a power cable must also be added to the sales order before the order can be progressed, i.e. sales conformation, picking list etc are not available. (The power cable can also be sold seperately)

Another aspect to this would be that the secondary item is not mandatory for all customers - only a select few

The closest I can find is supplementary items but you are able to perform sales confirmations without the secondary item (even if is is mandatory)


Nothing in standard AX as far as I know.

Supplementary item - customer groups could be setup so that they distinguish whether the supplementary item is mandatory or optional depending on the customer. But as you said you can confirm the sales order without doing the calculation on the supplementary item.

I had a customer in the past where they had the same requirement so we did a development where you couldn’t confirm the sales order if there was relevant mandatory items associated to the customer. Once the user had calculated any supplementary items they could then confirm the sales order.

There’s nothing else in standard AX that I know of that would meet your requirement.