Compressed Item Ledger Entries & 3.7-to-2009 Conversion.


We are in the process of making the move from 3.7 to 2009 (ultimately 2013), and I was hoping that I could get any feedback on the process from anyone that has made a similar move. Personally, I have never been a part of this sort of upgrade/conversion. However, our director, Lance, has experience with both installing Navision here back in 1999, as well as upgrading us to the 5.0 executables that we are on now.

The step that we are on at the moment is the conversion of the native 3.7 database to the NAV 2009 SQL database. One particular issue we are trying to gather information on is whether compressing item ledger entries in 3.7 prior to converting to the 2009 SQL database will cause any headaches for us, as our item ledger table is quite large and we don’t need detail past a couple years back.

We were looking into this because back when Lance looked into moving from 3.7 to 2009 a few years back, he was told by a few people that compressed data did more harm than good.

I’d be happy to provide additional information, if needed. And any input/advice on this would be greatly appreciated!