Composite Filter

Hey, i’m a new Navision Developer and I have a problem using filters. I have created a table X which has fields f1,f2,…,fn. In this table, i want to select records whose: (f1 value is equal to x) OR (f2 value is equal to y) -x,y can be of any data type. I tried to use SETFILTER or SETRANGE but these functions are associated with ONLY one field… I’d like to know if there exists any navision method that can set a filter on 2 or more different fields of a table concurrently,or a specific methodology that can lead to the same result. Thank you

Yes, there is a method to do it but please search the forum as this question has been asked before. Here is, for example, a link to one such discussion:

Thank you Nelson, i’ve found the link very informative [:)]