Components on a BOM

I have some items on a production BOM. Some of these items have variants. Is there a way to let MRP/MPS use one of these variants instead of the item itself ? If I have inventory for ItemX VariantY , but the production BOM specifies ItemX VariantZ, then running the regenerative plan will propose to order ItemX VariantZ, in spite of the available inventory I have for ItemX variantY. Francis

Hi Francis I do not believe this is possible as although they are treated as the same item they are also distinct. You can also not set-up substitutions as standard as they are the same item [:D]. I am unsure as to the interchangeable nature of your variants, but I am sure you can appreciate that in many industries the cariant denominator makes the item unique. If the variant was always irrelevant from your planning perspective I suppose the worksheet code could be modified to eliminate the variant filter - but this would have repercussions everywhere, and arguably removes the need to have any variant set-up in the first place. To get this to work I believe you would need to modify the system, but initially investigate the consequences of removing the variant requirement from your planning.