Components of Dynamics NAV?

What are all the components of Dynamics NAV?

NAV is composed of three components.

Database server ( to store data)

Application server (to control all aspects of Dynamics NAV)

client(s) UI for Dynamics NAV

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That depends on what you see as components in NAV, could just as well be the different modules in NAV or different object types.

But I guess Karya already knew this already (Karya and john were logged in using the same IP no - something the administrators of this website can see to prevent spam etc.).

But the answer given is not quite accurate, because it depends on which version of NAV you’re running. If you talk about the newest NAV version 2013, then it’s correct. But this three tier setup didn’t exist until version 2009. If running NAV 2009 with the classic client only, or any other version before 2009, then you only had two components a classic client/server setup with a client and a database server (either native NAV or SQL Server).

So whenever you ask a question, then you should also include which version of NAV you’re interested in getting an answer about.

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