Component Availability Check for production orders.

Hello. I am being told by legacy employees that when creating a production order, we are not able to check component availability in an easy process. Can someone provide a quick walk through of the following so I can validate if there is a config issue, or just a knowledge gap?

I need to:

  1. Create a production order
  2. Check parts
  3. Either release or change dates due to component availability.


The Inquiries - Explosion would tell you. Planning would also alter all dates based upon teh supply-demand chain. Depends if you have planning configured I suppose.

Hello Wally, I’m assuming you are using AX 2009. If you were using Master Planning this module would tell you what materials are required, for what planned production order, and if there is any pending purchase order that you need to expedite the delivery date.

A simple report that would compare your production requirement against available material could be found in Production\Reports\Production papers\Picking list. There are multiple selection options here, I have the following report just for one order where you can see that I have only item MAT-0109 available, and I have no stock for the rest of the items that are part of the bill of materials (I don’t know if you can see the image clearly, if not try to generate the report in your system).

Hope this is of help for you, best regards


0358.Picking list.bmp (666 KB)

Thanks guys. I discovered that for some odd reason, we had AX configured so that you can not actually convert a planned order, but instead need to manually create a new production order.

Thanks Hector for the path : Production\Reports\Production papers\Picking list