Component at location,

Hi ,

If i filed a value to component at location filed in SKU cards multiple line production orders,

  1. planning worksheet act as MTO even that SKU card manufacturing policy=MTS

  2. It doesn’t check available inventory (inventory on hand) even reordering policy=Lot-for-lot + Include inventory

  • Is that above statement is true or false ?

Hi Tanya,

I would love to know if this question (and your other questions) is related to a specific end-user problem, or you’re just studying NAV?

But in both cases, then I’ll suggest that you study the supply chain planning white paper for Dynamics NAV. It’s really a “must read” for anyone trying understand how the NAV planning worksheet and different planning parameters are used.

Hi Yes dear, Both cases are together,

This is my first NAV manufacturing implementation, So i am learning NAV manufacturing & we do this for client implementation. I have to master this product. These days I’m reading manuals of manufacturing NAV 2013.

Thanks a lot for help me.

Yes, i downloaded that white paper, i will read it. Thankx.

In that case I’ll suggest that you also check out your local technical book store. And then get some books about manufacturing systems. It doesn’t have to be specific about NAV, most of them all follows the same schema and uses more or less the same terms. This will give you the more theoretical understanding and will help you understand why things are done they way they are. In my opinion then the manufacturing module is most complex module in NAV and the module which takes the longest time to learn. And without the more theoretical background (or for that matter a background as an end-user working with manufacturing, production and inventory planning) then it’s a module which will take you years to master.