Completing Sales Orders after changes and postings have happened

One of our orders had a total of 30 items ordered.

We shipped out 7 at the beginning of June and another 7 at the end of June. When the A/R person inquired with the Sales rep the status is on the remaining pieces, he said there isn’t anymore, that 30 got dropped to 14 total.

She has already posted Invoices and Shipments for the 14. Now she is still stuck with the order opened. What does she need to do to close it? She tried changing the original 30 ordered to 14, but that didn’t change anything.


There is a report, it is not on a menu - report 299 Delete Invoiced Sales Orders

run this and it will close any open sales orders that are completely invoiced, it is made for this situation

As a side note report 499 Delete Invoiced Purchases Orders does the samething for PO’s.

Is this a drop shipment?

It is in the IT Admin section under administration. The sub section is “data deletion”. Assuming you are on V4.0.

I am guessing it cannot be a drop shipment if they have already altered the 30 to 14.

Thanks, that is were they all got put, been in 4.0 for a few months now and still haven’t found where everything is, I looked all over sales and marketing menu, since that is where it was in 2.0, that last version we were on. I find now, I just go to the object designer and find stuff, rather then try to track it down on a menu.

Could be, though my read was that Quantity is 30, and they only receive/shipped 14, and there are 16 left. That could be a drop ship.

Jenny waht does this mean, does it mean that the quantity DID actually change to 14 but that nothing happened after that, or (as you said), when they tried to change the quantity to 14, an error message poped up, and thus “didn’t change anything”?

I took that to mean the order quantity was altered from 30 to 14 but nothing happened as the order was still there - running the report of course would make it disappear.

Actually you are probably right. Though its hard to comprehend why a person would expect that changing the quantity of one line on an order would magically delete it. I would also want to take a close look at how much training the NSC did on that project [;)]

Welcome to my world, most of our users would think this way, they are parts sales people, only use the computer for what they have to use it for. I get this comment all the time, “I changed the quantity to zero, how come the order is still there, doesn’t the computer know enough to close it.” It is hard to believe, but I bet it is very common. Once you get away from IT workers, and move onto the shop floor.