Completely invoiced Finished Production Order

I have a Finished Production order as completely invoiced (field in Production order line). But the Completely invoiced field in all the item ledger entries for that production order with type ‘Output’ was not updated to ‘Yes’. Hence when we run the adjust cost entries and post cost to g/l function it does not update cost amount (actual) and reverse the expected cost entries from the interim accounts. The item ledger entry and value entry has been updated with the expected cost amount only. There are other finished production order which has consumed item from this production order also affected. The completely invoiced field is no in all these dependant production orders as well. Questions 1. How to update this production order as completely invoiced 2. After running adjust item cost entries and post cost g/l functions should take care of posting from expected cost to the cost amount (actual) and cost post g/l fields with the original cost in both Item ledger & Value entries. 2. This should also update all the dependant orders with complete invoiced field to yes and close those orders. CAn anyone throw light on what will adjust cost function look when it needs to generate these entries from the system. Pls advise…

Hi Ramanan To update the production order as completely invoiced you need to have finished every sub assembly within the BOM, and every purchased item at all levels has to received and matched to a purchase invoice so the actual cost is known. This will have an additional knock on affect as to the other questions you asked if I understnad you correctly.

Hi Steven, All the subassembly lines applied to purchases or item journals are completely invoiced. The output journals of this order are the ones remaining not being completely invoiced. The Finished quantity field in the Production order field is zero as there are negative journals offsetting against the positive journals. I am not sure whether this adds to this problem. Pls advise me as how to close this Finished Production Order and in turn close all the other production orders related to this. Need to know how the adjust cost function will recognise this order and update all the necessary entries which it normally does to a closed finished production order. I am running Navision 3.60 and have you come across such a problem earlier. Thanks Best Regards, Ramanan

If I understand, you have Positive Output(s) and Negative Output(s) which net to 0. If this is correct, There is code in 3.60 to not invoice anything less than or equal to 0 output (This is going from memory). This code can be changed. In theory, where do you really want to apply the costs to? Technically you have produced nothing, so there is nowhere to apply costs to ?!?

Hi Ramanan I have a feeling that Chris is correct on this one. If you have processed work against the order report the output and its associated positive entries - then close the order, and remove the finished goods item through an item journal - or are you reporting 0 with work undertaken to capture the costs for another reason?

Hi Chris, I actually would like to close this Finished production order, when this order was open it had posted few positive output lines (Finished Goods) which was consumed in by other production orders. You are aware that Navision does FIFO allocation of items so those production orders consumed some of the Finished goods relating to this tricky production order. Later on the users did’nt want to continue with this order that’s the reason they passed some negative output lines to knock off some positive lines. Trying to bring back the finished quantity to zero in the finished production order. Effectively this production order needs to be dropped, the consumtption journals passed for this production order would be reversed through item journals to post back the used inventory. And most importantly close all the other related production orders as ‘completely invoiced’. Since we are not able to close this troubling production order as completely invoiced in the item ledger entries, the adjust cost function does not close the other production orders as well. As these orders have used up some finished goods of the troubled production order. I dont know whether i have explained it clear…pls comment if u need more information. Best Regards, Ramanan

I guess your biggest problem (not your only problem [:D]) is the Completely Invoiced Flag. Off the top of my head, there are three different ways to get this flag set correctly…Both of which involve custom: (1) Change the code in the Inventory Adjustment codeunit to invoice zero value output. This may not give you the correct costs, but you can adjust those as necessary. (2) Post some additional output against the Finished Production Order. I believe that Navision has the code changes to allow this…Contact your NTR. (3) Create the Invoicing Value Entry manually. This is extremely dangerous, even if you know what you are doing. Once you can get this Invoiced, you can adjust the quantities as required with Item Journals.

Hi Chris, Thanks for the suggestion, i might go in for the first option and see whether i get our expected result. I dare not try the third option and in regards to second one we had applied such a patch from our local mbs. But that was creating another problem of doubling value entries when the adjust cost function was run. Best Regards, Ram