Complete Transfer order line with receipt status Registered


We are trying to complete a transfer order that does not allow us to receive a line that was originally split. This is the scenario:

  1. Origin warehouse splits a transfer order line in two parts. Both parts have different batch numbers. The line is sent.

  2. Transfer warehouse receives the transfer order line. HERE’S THE PROBLEM: In this warehouse we receive both parts of the split line with the same batch number (we think this happens because of configuration restrictions, but we’re not sure).

  3. Destination warehouse is trying to receive both parts of the split transfer order line, each with different batch number. Nevertheless, since the transfer warehouse did not receive two different batch numbers, it is not possible to complete the transfer order line. The item transaction shows a receipt status of “Registered”

How can we solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

Hi Fernando,

Did you solve your issue ?

We have exactly the same problem !


AX2012 R2 CU7

The standard behaviour is…if you ship the transfer order with two different batch numbers, your transit warehouse gets the stock with two batch numbers. Can you try creating a new TO and check whether it is happening for all the transfer orders?

Look at the registration prior to receipt - what is it telling you?