Compile tables objets from local machine


We have a big problem with compilation of tables objects.

We can’t compile tables when the development environment is not in the same workstation of Dynamics NAV server ?!So, we have to launch at each time dynamics NAV development environment on the server to compile tables objects !

Are there any solution to compile tables objects from a local machine ?

In Dynamics NAV 2015 we have a powershell script which allows us to do that, and works fine but not for Dynamics NAV 2013.

Thank you for your help.


Yes, it’s a bit annoying isn’t? But the nature of the database structure today (especially due to the multi-tenancy setup), then you need to have access to the database and the server to compile the object.

So the best of course if you can run it directly on the same server/service, and if that’s not possible, then you could setup a local NAV service on your own PC. As long as you have the required permissions to run the service, then this would work.

Hello Erik,

Thank you for response, yes, that we do, we install Dynamics NAV Service in local machine ! but we wanted to avoid this.