compilation without X++ license

Hi everybody, From my experience, when I have MorphX license but not X++ source code license, Axapta allow to compile everything including the classes. But after that , Axapta return error of init browser. It’s very stricky. Anyone has this problem before? Do you have any suggestion to avoid this?

Hi Khue, I also am dealing with Axapta instances having MprphX but not also X++ lcs but never encountered problems. Please be more specific … when the compillation error apear? After compiling any class, or after importing a project including classes, or at the compilation of AOT? I use Ax. 3.0 SP3.

Hi Ciprian, My problem occur when I try to compile the whole AOT including the classes. The compilation didn’t complain anything. But after log off and log on Axapta. It’s display an Error with Description something about initBrowser problem.

I understand and its difficult to say without seeing closer [:)]. You can try to figure out what logic is bringing that message and compile those classes to find the cause. I guess the Info class may be imvolved. Another idea would be to install a new (clean) application instance, and if ok, you will use it as default instead of the current.