compatibility of 3.01 and 3.10

Can somebody tell me how compatible the databases of Attain 3.01 B and of Attain 3.10 A are? can I import objects without problems? if there is no safe way to do this import, is it possible to install 3.01 B and 3.10 without doing an update of the older version? thanks to everyone who helps me!

Hi Touny, I don’t know what you are trying to do but guess that you want to import some objects from NA 3.10A to support some non-existing/additional functionality into NA 3.01B. There’s no short/direct answer to it as you need to determine the functional implications/consequences of the import. What i can suggest you is to use NDT(Navision Developer Tookit) and compare objects from both versions to know which have been changed and how? You can also refer to functional/technical changes documents for NA 3.10A which will give you more insight into the issue. If you are an end-user who doesn’t have access to above tools you can import objects in customized range if you know the functionality/consequences. Regards

Hi Mohammad, i’m a developer and i don’t now if i can import objects in a customer’s database (version 3.01 B), wich i have developed in 3.10 A. without problems. the problem is that i have not understand, how i can install 3.10 A without changing the 3.01 B version. i know that it is possible to select the installation of 3.10 A version without deleting the 3.01 B version, but the installation changes the 3.01B version completely like 3.10A! regards

Hi, Reg. Installation first: From NA 3.10A CD, Select Index–>Client–>Installation of WinX for… -->Custom–>New Most Imp. thing above is you don’t select Typical but 'Custom ’ and then select ‘New’(Install another ver. w/out removing earlier version) and then Change the Folder in which to install. *Here if you don’t change folder then the installation will overwrite all files except your databases(From NF/NM/NA 3.01B Ver). If you are a bit cautious, you shouldn’t face any problem. Reg. 2nd Issue, As I understand, you want to import some objects you developed in NA 3.10A ver. into NA 3.01B Ver(of Customer). My earlier posting answers this question well. For customizations try importing/compiling and it should work but for Standard Objects be careful. (Always try on a copy/backup). Regards

Hi, You can open 3.01 database with 3.10a and develop on it, then export objects and import to customer without any problems. But objects from 3.10a database can’t be imported into 3.01 without any customisation. There are many changes in functionality.